It reminds me of what I read in one of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels once. I love google

, it located it for me. Here it is:
There was this drylander who was asked which was more important, a literjon of water or a vast pool of water? The drylander thought a moment and then said: “The literjon is more significant. No single individual could possess of plain water. But a literjon you could hide under your cloak and run away with it. No one would know.”

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-The Jokes of Early Dune,
Bene Gesserit Archives

We treat nudity, and sexuality, as things which are so cherished, we literally need to conceal from others as we fear that, exposed, everyone would attempt to get it. In a land where it’s everywhere, yet, there’s no demand for such anxiety. In a way, many western cultures are already like this in relation to a lot of arab cultures, including Saudi Arabia. There, they worry seeing anything but the slits of the eyes of girls for fear a guy would be tempted by one. Here we are apalled at this thought that folks would think that men should be quite so feeble, but don’t live in Saudi Arabia; there, seemingly, they’re; and it is engrained into them in their culture. We merely have the exact same notion simply more reasonable; here it is fine to see not just a girl’s face, but her hair too, and much more besides, but most tend to draw the line at some stage of skimpy clothing in public. Nudists, ofcourse, go beyond even this, although usually only in certain settings (at fuck in the beach avert being nude where it’s not legal to do so).

I would assert that the issue of sexuality is fairly similar, with the one caveat that children and pregnancy, STDs and STIs are also factors there. Regardless, my point stands; I believe that with enough dialogue people will understand the advantages to being more liberal, both clothes wise and sexuality shrewd, while at the same time educating ourselves more so that we prevent the mistakes that makes of some such puritans, will be better for everybody.

The summer after my 8th grade I went to the Crimea. My mom and me were sunbathing on a beach.

It had been some time since I learnt to swim by then and I dare say I was at it. We would see exactly the same location each day, and I was quite keen on going somewhere else, but for the shortage of a better alternative I was swimming alongside the seashore. I’d swim quite a space, and once I reached so far that I saw a rock sticking out of water – made up my mind about swimming behind it and seeing what was there.
When I finally got there my eyes fell upon quite a sight – several guys and women were sunbathing there fully naked! I had discovered about nudism before and hence I was not quite shocked But as long as I had my bathing suit on I didn’t dare to come out of water and observe them, and so I was looking at them from where I were. I had my diving spectacles on me, so I feigned to be diving to view the seascape while in fact I was rather much more interested in seeing folks who were swimming without their bathing suits and trunks. In point of fact, I’d seen naked guys before, but now was something more exciting. as soon as I got back to the resort the impressions of the day wouldn’t leave me.
The following day mom stayed in the hotel and I went to the shore accompanied by my buddy. I told her about the yesterday’s nude beach, and we raced there for a fresh share of opinions. On our way there we reached the conformity not to remove our bathing suits, but only to see other people enjoying outside nude.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Eventually we reached the nude beach and made ourselves comfy. Our previous observation was that for the folks around it was a matter of fact thing to walk around nude, both for men and for women. And no one paid the least attention to one another!
My friend took off the top of her bathing suit, and I, also, was famished for new sensations Am I a chicken or not, after all? And it was then that I GOT FULLY NAKED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I cannot put into words the belief it conveyed me. It felt as if I were some kind of a star set upon the scene along with all the eyes looking at me. but that wasn’t almost all! I went to the water edge and stepped in,, and it was as though waves were caressing me. I actually don’t know what was that feeling about, but I never got to feel anything of that type while wearing a swimsuit. I was able to relax in water and did not feel embarrassed anymore – after all, one could not see much of my body while I was in water
But after a little while, when I Had had enough of swimming, it was time for me to come out of water, and it was then that I saw the beach by now was even more crowded than before, and I got that impression that everybody was there lined to see me coming out of water in my arrival costume. So I called up my buddy and asked her to bring over my swimming trunks because I was kind of embarrassed to come out of water as were. But she only laughed at me!
Having nothing to do, I pretended I was a supermodel prepared to make her look on stage. And with my nose up in the air I made it to the shore absolutely naked in front of all spectators that were there to see me. Oddly, the crowd did not break in applause. I looked at the beachers around me, but none of them seemed to pay no attention to me and just minding their very own business. I even felt a wee bit disappointed by that fact Those were my first impressions of becoming suntanned equally. Now I sunbathe only nude, and I am not put off by the existence of people in swimsuits. If they’re there it only goes to show that they admire me and enjoy it all and are just frightened to do it themselves so far.
As for the procedure for getting suntanned without swimsuit – I cannot even describe the sensation of having your body caressed by the gentle breeze, and what’s best – you’ve got no wet cloth clinging to you after you’ve bathed. The overall belief is simply AMAZING. In fact, for them on could brush away anxieties and embarrassment and other prejudices.

Before I begin writing anything else and before I

share with you my story of my first nude beach encounter, I feel that I need to say a few things about the girlfriends I went with. These are my three best girlfriends that I’ve understood for a long time, ever since we started first grade. We stayed great girlfriends all these years and every year (when we can afford it), we go for a vacation down to Mexico and check out a fresh location each year. It’s been our little tradition for a couple of years now and we’ve had some crazy times south of the boundary. However, this last year was actually something else. It was the first time we went to a nudist beach and I only have to discuss our experience.
We initially believed that it’d just be another one of our excursions, all four of us were actually psyched to go and we actually wanted the vacation. Also, we chose to go somewhere where could really kick back and relax without having to bash all night long. We decided on a location called Riviera Maya which is just south of Cancun, but in addition just south enough to avoid all of the crowds that harass Cancun. When we got there, it was like heaven. You know those beaches with the insanely white sand and crystal clear waters that just invite you to jump in without even checking in? Well, it was one of these areas. I could recommend it to basically everyone.
And for a day or two, everything was going as planned. We were relaxing on the beaches entire day long, went out for a couple drinks in the evenings and we were, if we’re honest, being a boring bunch. Actually, it was becoming a bit too monotonous. I mean we were still in our 20ies and regardless of how exhausted you get over the course of the year, you do need some pleasure when you go on a vacation. That’s when one of my girlfriends, Tyra, said that there is a beach where nudists go, something of a combined seashore at which it’s possible to go either clothed or in the nude. This was something we never attempted before and we decided that it will be a great way to spice things up a bit. We also hoped that there would be some guys there that we could have a look at in the nude. You never know, right?
The very first thing that we noticed when we got to the shore is that everyone was in their swimming suits, guys, women, everyone. We were a bit disappointed and we already believed that someone has misinformed us, possibly even as a prank, sending four women to a “supposed” nudist beach and then laughing their heads off picturing us waltzing naked to a regular shore. As it turned out, this was not true. The nudist part of the shore was a bit down the beach and we soon began discovering more and more people enjoying their day at the beach in the nude. There were girls in topless, girls which were totally bare and even a few extremely hot men all naked and showing off. One man truly had something to show off if you know what I mean.
Then it hit us we were really shy.

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Or at least three of us were. Tyra was naked before we could put our towels down and I can let you know that it absolutely was a glorious sight to see her in all her curvy goodness all bare and not worrying about a matter. I decided to give topless a go along with the image that I sent you is just that. Tyra in the middle, all naked and without a care in the world. Me in topless and our two girlfriends with their backs to the camera, still not feeling enough.
The following day, nevertheless, we were all nude as the day we were born and I can inform you that it’s the best thing a girl can do. The freedom is intoxicating and the sun feels so fantastic on the naked skin.

While in college, I went with some friends from my dorm to a beach just south of Santa Cruz.

It wasn’t a nude beach and my buddies and I did not go naked, but there were several other folks who were nude. It was obvious that the skinny dippers were having a great time and did not care who else saw them. This was a brand-new concept for me. There was no “You show me yours and I Will show you mine” quid pro quo, which is the way I understood nudist parks to function. The attitude was “I’m going nude because I appreciate it and everyone else can simply deal with this.”
beach porn used to not go nude that day because I didn’t understand what the approach of my buddies would be toward it. It was not until a couple of years later when I had access to a car that I went to Bonny Doon Beach just north of Santa Cruz. I’d gone alone that day but there were lots of other people on the beach and most of them were naked. I used to not have any important nervousness about taking my clothes off, but I was assured to find that nobody was laughing and pointing and that I did not have any problems suppressing my level of arousal.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I found that within a couple of minutes I was able to relax and simply love being on the shore. There were a whole new chain of pleasant sensations such feeling the sun along with the wind all over my body and running along the shore and jumping in the water with no soggy bathing suit. The encounter lived up to my expectations. Afterward, I’d see nude beaches a couple of times each summer whenever the opportunity availed itself.
I eventually married a very proper woman who I met at church. I presumed at the time that we got engaged that I would be giving up nude beaches eternally. Then, she told how she and her sister grew up skinny dipping in their own backyard swimming pool. A few months after we were married, I took my wife to Red, White, & Blue Beach in California. It absolutely was her first time nude on a beach and she totally enjoyed it. Now when we go on vacation, we seek out nude beaches and prefer to stay at nudist resorts. We now have a backyard swimming pool and use swimsuits only when we have visitors.

Since my early teens, I’ve always loved the feeling of swimming and sunning nude.

Our family had a pool in our backyard deep in the heart of suburbia, and I remember wondering whether I had safely positioned the chaise lounge out of the perspective of any easily offended (or easily titillated) neighbors’ eyes as I stole a few minutes whenever I could get the opportunity to experience what the summer sun felt like on my nude body
And several late nights, following the rest of the family had gone to bed, I’d gently slip ito the pool for a skinny dip. It was a fantastic natural high.
Interestingly enough, I decided to attend at UC San Diego. During the orientation tour of the campus, the counsel told us incoming freshmen about nearby Black’s Beach — and expressed some surprise when many of us didn’t know about its staus as one of the best-known nude beaches in the state.
So, I knew right then and there where I ‘d be taking the majority of my study breaks.
I must say, though, that I experienced what I’d expect is a standard degree of trepidation when confronted with a first-time nude beach experience. I remember visiting the beach a few times, and staying clothed, trying to determine whether I was “safe”. I saw that the beach was huge and spread out such that one could very much maintain a feeling of having , at what felt like a comfortable distance from other beachgoers whose reasons for being there might be considerably less than innocent. Eventually, the bait of what I had in the back of my mind constantly desired to experience won out, and one day I took my new boogie-board down to shore, and without hesitation lost my swimsuit.
I rushed down to the water, still a little nervous, attempting not to make eye contact with the few folks that were nearby. I plunged into the waves, and immediately realized I was having the time of my life. I drove the waves for some time, loving the sensation, feeling like my body was made for this.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I tired after a little while, and decided to head back up to the shore. Feeling more relaxed and assured now, I looked around at a number of the others present. I should probably mention here that I’ve been blessed with some pretty good genes, and I should probably also mention that it was impossible not to see the — well, stares — of lots of the gay men present.
After a moment or two of nervousness, I quickly determined that this was basically a public place, and going nude was my pick, and that I could not actually stop anyone who needed to look at me from looking. And that as long as they kept a respectable distance and refrained from outwardly lewd behaviour or unwanted advances or harassment, I would just accept the “eye contact” as a compliment, and think no more of it and love myself.
I was pleased when it turned out that my fellow nude people acted exactly as I had figured they’d. And my attitude toward the nude encounter is pretty much the same today — taking off my clothing is a choice I make, but I can’t control what you do. If you would like to look, go on and look, but I trust that you just will not harass or otherwise act distastefully.
To this very day, my recollections of my many, many naked trips to that shore are some of my finest memories. In recent years, I Have been land locked, so to speak, near Sacramento, but it is always been in the rear of my head to get back to Black’s. I had also like to look at San Onofre.

Girl All Alone

I had a supervisor who consistently discussed his naked experiences so I chose to really go to a nudist resort in northern Indiana with him and his girlfriend. At the last instant they needed to change their plans and couldn’t go, so being the brave girl that I am, I decided to go alone.

I phoned forward to be sure I could get in; being a single girl was no trouble for the owners. I understood what to do once I got there so I got out of my clothes and visited the pool.

Immediately people introduced themselves and they began to introduce me to people they knew were from my home town. Little did I understand that a dear friend of mine and his wife were members there(and still are). That was a bit inconvenient for me for about one minute then I realized we were all naked and suddenly I felt right at home.

My new buddies also introduced me to another couple from a nearby town and we all became the best friends for the last 27 years. I’ve been to other clubs and the same thing occurred, I instantly meet the friendliest folks and have formed lifelong friendships that I’m quite thankful for! Some of my nudist friends have even tested to see whether they could be a live donor and give me a new kidney.( I ‘ve been in kidney failure for the past few months). Now that’s real camaraderie!

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I’m for my nudist family and can’t wait for summer!

Anderson, Indiana
First Time Nude

The very first time that I went nude was at my uncle and aunt’s farm age 15, they had a pond on th hill that dominated the state road, nicely out of view aside from 1-2 homes even they couldn’t see anything with outside binoculars. What a great feeling once I got into the pond naked, then got out out to lay on the dock to let the sun dry my skin.

Many years after I went to Complete Tan Sun Club…wow the memories came back to the very first time being bare… it was FANTASTIC, now at 42 I wish to be bare any and all of the time, my wife isn’t as free as I but one day maybe she will be.

-G. Oakley
New York
First time Nude Outside

When I was young and started to read Playboy magazine and saw the images of the famous Grotto, I believed that looked like fun. Swimming naked.

I mentioned to myself, I’m going to really have a pool such as this, and skinny-dip at home. When I was wacthing a house one day for a neighbor, the house had a pool and I was by myself, so off with the short pants and for about 10 minutes, I skinny-dipped for the first time. It was fantastic.

Finally in 1999,I bought a house using a pool. Felt just as wonderful as the first time. There were other times, like me & a girlfriend skinnydipping late night at my flat swimming pool. But nothing like it at home. And the following house was the same, but the backyard was really open so I had to do it late night because of the aged neighbor.

I live about an hours drive from Austin, and I’ve never been to Hippie Hollow, because I was at home taking care of my father and didn’t travel much. But I am heading to Hippie Hollow shortly as I can. Can not wait.

The most liberating experience

As someone born and brought up in the conservative Middle East the last thing I ever dreamed in life was to be nude in public.

Once when I was walking alone on a clothing-optional beach in Europe I thought if I ever wanted to try something totally insane this would have been the minute. There was no one who could have seen me there thousands of miles away from home. It was of course a fantastic experience that no one can describe unless they try it.

Ever since then I’ve repeated it with visits to bare saunas in Europe and enjoyed it more every time. I convinced my wife to try it and she did love it a lot. A bit concerned in the beginning of course but she immediately got used to it.

Being Nude IsN’t Petroleum

I started as a nudist at 10 years old. I was a christan and my parents discouraged nudity. got curious and went on Wikipedia. I put in nude and I found out things I never understood before. Being nude doesn’t mean sex. So one night I took off all my clothes and I felt so free. At 15 years old I went to Gunnison Beach, NJ. It was so relaxing to see all those people bare only like me. I loved it ever since.


First Nudist Encounter with a Friend

I never grew up thinking much of nudism, it only wasn’t on my mind. Inside my mid 20s I discovered how much I enjoyed being naked after I took showers, and would start spending more and more time nude at home. I guess I was a part time home nudist for some time, which was amazing.

After a while, I thought I’d like to try social nudism, but I wasn’t certain if I had the nerve. Heck, I’d never even been nude in a locker room. Our school only had us change clothes, so down to underwear was about the most exposure I had with others.

After a number of years, I eventually decided to give it a shot. I had chatted online with plenty of nudists and found another guy my age who lived close to me. One day I drove around to his flat (hands trembling with the first timer nerves) to meet up. Rang the doorbell, and much to my surprise he answered the front door naked and invited me in. While I was caught off guard (I thought we’d discuss a bit in person before nudity), I still thought it was cool as well as a pretty good ice breaker.

So, I believed to myself “when in Rome” and within about 30 seconds of meeting, I’d stripped down in his front hall! It was just like ripping off a bandaid! Of course it was a considerably more freeing and liberating experience than taking off a band aid. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t embarrassed or self-conscious to be standing there naked in front of a complete stranger. It was exhilarating.

We hung out for a couple of hours, talked about nudism, watched TV, played cards (not strip poker, of course). It was a great experience and I am happy I finally gave it a shot after all those years.

That was about 5-6 years ago and I’m still participating in social nudism – whether it is at a friend’s house or at a nude beach or resort. Happy I eventually gave it that first shot and never looked back!

-Bryan S
Richmond, Virginia
I knew I was a nudist

Even at a very young age, I enjoyed being bare. I had two other brothers growing up so I found it hard to have any privacy to be nude. My parents had over 6 acres of land as well as on a hot sunny day I would go off by myself and strip off all my clothing and lay in the sun.

As I got older and moved out on my own, I started to sleep naked; nothing is more relaxing than that to get a good night’s slumber. On the weekends, if I was not going anyplace I ‘d be naked round the house for the entire day and do whatever.

Six years ago I finally decided to go to my first nude beach located at Playalinda Beach. It did not take myself very long to be naked like everyone else. For the next four years I kept going back once or even twice per year. My only sorrow is that I didn’t go earlier. This past September I finally ran my first nude 5k race at cypress cove. I enjoyed so much that I’ve signed up for two races this year.

Now, whenever I can I am always nude in my home or at a nudist resort being free of clothes and worries; there’s nothing like it.

-John V.
Naturism Takes Flight

Occasionally, I’ll jokingly remark that I owe my thanks and my love for naturism to my employer. You see, I work in the airline travel business as a flight crew member. Back in the day when airlines offered onboard magazines as an amenity for flying customers, I was nonchalantly thumbing through the pages of one of the publications entitled “Outside.”

It offers its readers tips and guidance about outdoor recreational sports equipment and traveling. Among the pages of this particular problem contained a colorful graphic advertisement for Lee Baxandall’s, “World Guide To Nude Beaches & Recreation”. The name of Lee Baxandall is going to be understood by any seasoned naturist or nudist likewise (of which I was neither at the time). Lee first took up the task of naturism in Wisconsin as an Eagle Scout. After, in 1980, he became the founding member of The Naturist Society. He is also an inductee into AANR’s Nudist Hall of Fame. However , I digress. His premier guide to nudism in natural settings peaked my interest. With pencil & paper, I jotted down the address of where to order my copy of this washed-out listing of places where one can vacation, camp, swim and socialize without wearing a single stitch of cloth. A number of weeks prior to my encounter with Mr. Baxandall’s guide, I ‘d organized an upcoming week of holiday alone in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. After receiving my copy in the mail, I immediately turned to the section of nudist beaches found in the Aloha State and chanced upon “Little Beach”. When it was time to board my flight for Maui (this time as a regular joe and not a working crew member), I anxiously expected the moment I would finally experience a whole week on the sand and by the ocean wearing nothing but my skin along with a grin. That first expected ‘simple’ second has now come and gone. And my memory of it brings many descriptive words to mind: natural, liberating, freeing, exuberating, sexy yet non-sexual, energizing, rejuvenating and a lot more. And for me, the ‘so-much-more’ includes spiritual reconnection. I believe my nakedness doesn’t belong to me, but instead to Creation. NUDE is how I was ‘created’ and brought into the world. THAT, within itself, makes it religious in nature for me. It makes it a good thing, balanced and pure; nothing to be ashamed of nor to hide. Instead, I see my nakedness as something to embrace and to be lived. I want to allow it to breathe my existence. In my view, to refuse my nakedness will be to denounce my Creator’s creation.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

I do not wish to silence that breath. Itis a present. need it to boom. I would like it to grow. And in the process, I express my sincerest form of gratitude to the “Giver” of that gift; oh, and gratitude to my employer for stocking that magazine on the airplane. And for granting me the coveted perk of air travel. It is an ideal means by which to discover and experience more of this beautiful planet’s Au-Naturel destinations. Today, I still love flying high Au Naturel!

Long Time Nudist

When I was still a kid I always felt good when I was naked, so I’d always make sure I had to walk to the bathroom to take a bath and back to my room naked. as soon as I turned 8 years old I began sleeping nude and would sit around or lay on my bed in my room nude all of the time, and when no one was home, I would remain bare in different portions of my house.

as soon as I turned had a pal and streaking was a big craze then, so we would streak every opportunity we got. Regrettably my family would not have agreed for me to be a nudist, so I could not tell them, nor be bare in front of those.

When I moved into my very own house I was nude on a regular basis. I tried to persuade my girlfriends that they would like being a nudist but most would not attempt it, and also the ones that attempted it did not like it, but I consistently continued being nude all the time since it is the only means I want to be.

Before I got married my fiancee knew I was a nudist and also would continue to be a nudist after we were married, and after 25 years of marriage she understands I ‘ll always be a nudist.

She’s not a nudist. As well, my children aren’t nudist. Lucky for me my family understands being naked is the manner I’m comfy, and don’t mind that I ‘m consistently bare. I loved being bare, and always will.

I’ve been a nudist for 49 years and no way I’d ever alter.

Buffalo, New York
Breaking Down Barriers

On a recent visit to a Florida beach resort, while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, the unbelievable urge to be nude in the water was too much to suppress. I found myself out beyond any other swimmers and removed my trunks. I stayed there for what seemed like hours enjoying the feel of the water and a freedom like I have never experienced before.

I am a 51 year old male and never would have thought to do something like that in a private pool let alone the Gulf. The exhilaration I felt left an indelible picture of the freedom and awareness of one with nature that I wish to carry on.

Upon returning home I promptly joined AANR and am actively seeking a local resort to visit. It’ll be my first “official” exposure (no pun intended) to a naturist environment and I welcome any ideas.

Thank you for opening up a fresh phase in my entire life.

Downingtown, Pennsylvania